Mount Kailash Tour – 13 Days ( Holy Yatra)

Ngri, Tibbet
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Welcome to Kailash Holiday, Tour Operator and trekking agency in Kathmandu, Nepal. Since 2011 Kailash Holiday has been operating the greatest treks in Nepal, Tibet tour, Bhutan tour, India tour as well as Holy Kailash Manasarovar Yatra.


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Since 2011 Kailash Holiday has been operating the greatest treks in Nepal, Tibet tour, Bhutan tour, India tour as well as Holy Mount Kailash tour. Our team who have spent more than twenty three years in the tourism sector of Nepal has been operating large and small groups for adventure trekking, various tours and family holiday. By customize every step of your tour itinerary we can create the best tour for you. For Treks, we provide all different ranges from introductory to challenging as well as a respected mountaineering program.

Situated in Roof of the world, inside Tibet autonomous   in the Ngari Region in Tibet, Mount Kailash and Lake Mansarova are very popular as Sacred Mountain and Holy Lake believed to lord Shiva dwell respectively. Both have often been considered as a sacrificial center for Hindu, Buddhist, and Boniest pilgrims. Their religious aura and paradisaical vista also attract ordinary tourists.

Mount Kailash Tour

Kailash meaning in Tibetan language “Treasure or Saint of Snow Mountain”. The name originates from the year-round snow on its peak and its historical religious connections. The mountain is sometimes called “Mother of Iceberg”. It appears to be gazing at another mountain, Namcha Barwa, or “Father of Iceberg” in the far distance.
Mount Kailash tour is the highest peak in the massive Gangdise mountain range with an altitude over 6,600 meters (21654 ft.). The peak is very pointed and looks like a pyramid soaring the sky. Seen from the south the vertical ice trough and horizontal rock formation combine as the Buddhist symbol Swastika which represents the eternal power of Buddha.
Legend has it that a high lama named Milarepa competed with Naro Bonchung, the leader of Bon, for supernatural power. Milarepa was triumphant and thus the mountain came under the guidance of Buddhism. However, the mountain is also said to be the gathering place of masses of gods, among which are the highest gods of Hinduism. So it is no surprise that many pilgrims of different faiths visit here.
Walking around the Mount Kailash tour is a popular ceremony despite the length and difficult terrain. According to the sayings of Buddhism, one circle around the mountain can atone for all the sins committed throughout one’s lifetime. Completing ten circles around the mountain will prevent eternal damnation of hell tribulation in one’s reincarnations of 500 years. Completing one hundred circles will make a person one with Buddha. While walking, Buddhists follow clockwise while Bonists proceed in a counter-clockwise direction. In the horse year when Sakyamuni, the founder of Buddhism, is said to be born, worshippers get credit for thirteen circles for every one completed. Naturally, these years draw the largest number of tourists.
Mount Kailash tour Travel Tips: One circle around the mountain is 52 km (32.31 mi.) long and takes about three days.  Generally make a trip by waking about 17KM each day. Because of the high altitude, weather changes frequently. Travelers should bring warm clothes, a tent and sleeping bag, a waterproof mattress or cushion, food items and common medicines. Camp stoves are permitted on the mountain.
Lake Manasarova (Lake Mapam Yumco)
Lake Mansarova lies about 20 km (12.43 mi.) southeast of Mount Kailash tour. It means ‘Invincible Jade Lake’ in Tibetan. The name originates from a story that Buddhism wins a victory against Bon in a religious match beside the lake. The lake is the same ‘Jade Pool of Western Kingdom’ described by the high monk Xuanzang of the Tang Dynasty (618-907) in his Westward Diary

The altitude of the lake is about 4,588 meters (15,052.49 ft.), making it one of the highest fresh water lakes in the world. The water is very limpid and bright. The Hindu legend has that it is the Amrita designed by the great god Brahma that can wash away all one’s sins as well as any anxiety or improper thoughts. Many pilgrims bathe in the lake and take some water back as a gift to their relatives and friends.  The surrounding area is the point of origin for India’s two most famous rivers, the Indus and the Ganges. Walking around the lake also has ceremonial value for the Tibetan and always follows clockwise. There are many temples along the way, the two most notable being the Jiwu and the Chugu.

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